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Mark E. Reader D.O. FAOCO
Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

Patient Testimonials

David J.

 For years I have been plagued with the  inability to breathe through my nose when I slept.  This was thought to  be due to bad allergies, so I began taking allergy medications.  I was  later diagnosed with sleep apnea and started using a CPAP machine but  was unable to tolerate it it after several hours of use.  I finally  sought the help of an ENT specialist.  My Dr. recommended Dr. Reader who  found the problem on my first visit.  He told me one of my nasal  passages was obstructed and recommended out patient surgery.  After  surgery I had very little discomfort and no black eyes or excessive  swelling.  It has been seven weeks since my surgery and I CAN BREATHE.  I  still have to use my CPAP machine but now I can sleep through the  night. It has changed my life.

Thank you Dr. Reader, you're a life saver.

Richard P.

 I have been fighting an ear infection and  loss of hearing for a number of years.  My primary care doctor referred  me to Dr. Reader in 2012.  Dr. Reader performed a cochlear implant on  my left ear and it opened a new world for me.  Later Dr. Reader did  surgery on my right ear that many Dr.'s had tried treating over several  years without success.  Dr. Reader did surgery and the infection has not  returned.  I think that Dr. Reader should be named Dr. of the year. 

Carol W.

 Dr.  Reader,

   I'm pleased to tell you my  life has improved tremendously since you performed the Balloon Dilation  in your office on August 3rd, 2017.  The procedure was short and  painless.

    Prior to that, I had a sinus infection which  lasted six months and survived 4 rounds of antibiotics.  Until I  recovered I didn't realize how miserable I had been.

  I  highly recommend the Balloon Dilation for any of your patients who have  a lingering sinus infection.  For me it was a miracle cure!

Thank you for providing this cutting edge surgery in Porterville.


 To Whom It May Concern:

This past summer I was pleased to become acquainted with Mark Reader, D.O., FAOCO., and his Visalia office staff.

My  Primary Care doctor referred me to an allergy specialist, who referred  me to Dr. Reader.  I had been suffering from a continuing sinus headache  for nearly nine days.  I was given four rounds of antibiotics which  gave me no relief, whatsoever.  The amount of antibiotics administered,  not surprisingly, resulted in the usual side effects of such a large  dose.  The intended cure simply added to my overall discomfort.

Dr.  Reader recommended Sinus Balloon Dilation, an office procedure to open  my left sinus cavity.  Another option was to repair my deviated septum  and do the dilation in a hospital procedure.  Dr. Reader provided  excellent information and options and I chose the office procedure.

My  insurance would not pay for the procedure because I did not, at that  time, have a sinus infection.  I would think not, after four rounds of  antibiotics.  I agreed to pay for the procedure.  I am so glad I did.

After  the Sinus Balloon Dilation procedure, my comment was, "Wow, a piece of  cake!"  There was absolutely no discomfort, before, during, or following  the procedure.  I was particularly pleased that any feeling of being  light headed quickly dissipated.  My headaches are gone, no more sinus  infections, and I can breather out of both nostrils again.  I would do  it again, and yes, it was worth the out of pocket expense.  I would  recommend this procedure to anyone to whom it has been recommended.

L. W.
Exeter, CA